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Oh no not again

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Don’t trust French cars playas or u end up walkin 2 wrk in da rain and wind Preach


Check Check Check 1

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Well it’s taken a while but here it is BOOM kinda changes everynow and den so ill update innit!
More detail soon wiv updated flava

Frame: WTP LoFi       
Forks: ODYSSEY Dirt Classics
Headset: Random Generic Get up
Stem: COLONY Official
Bars: WTP Lock Stocks or ODYSSEY Civilains depends how fruity I’m feeling
Grips: FLY Ruben one week
Barends: ANIMAL Hollow plastic
Brakes: FLY
Lever: ODYSSEY Medium
Cranks: FLY version 2’s
Sprocket: TREE I-Beam
Pedals: FLY Ruben or ODYSSEY White plastics
Chain: KHE Hollow Pin minimalist
Seat: DUO Pivotal
Seatpost: MACNEIL
Front Wheel: PROFILE Hub Hardwear Primo Balance Padded Cell Spokes
Rear Wheel: PROFILE Right hand drive Padded Cell Spokes Odyssey Hazard lite rim
Front Tyre: KHE Re-mortgage the house 2.1 Park
Rear Tyre: KHE Had to sell the car to afford one 1.95 Park
Pegs: HOFFMAN SPC’s rear one mod to space out the wheel, front pinned so it don’t spin!


Modifications: Drop outs profiled to suit peg and non drive side chopped, Bars taken down half inch, Gyro messed about with to run smooth oil everywhere, lever bent, Seat post cut, no top cap as they look shit ummm that’s it I think!??

Happy New Year 2009 is guna be a strong one!

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Hope ya had a sweet time got crunked up, got nasty and regreted everything!!

2009 WOOP

Merry Xmas Pimps and Playas

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Hope you have a banging festive season eat loads get ya drank on and ride hard. PERIOD