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Pyramid session

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Couple of shots Ben took while we were having a little sesh won!
On a different note been listenin to the Spooks album alot recently and if you ain’t heard that in a while you need to dig it out and slam it on! forgot how good that is! Peace


Cedar Trails

Posted in Cedar Trails with tags on May 26, 2009 by kingpsblock

Cedar is a pure testiment to Paul’s hardwork and graft! Paul is a trail building machine and these pictures just don’t do em justice! Let’s hope the Dig feature does!!!! Cedar Trails video part 2 coming soon! Aaiii

Sibot Latest update

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Si has been working flatout getting everything sorted and racked up so go show him some love


Mess around Friday afternoon in the sun

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This was just a random trip on a friday afternoon chilling in the sun, nothing serious except the heat, shit was mad hot!!

Not edited atall as this isnt ment to show anything other than having fun in the sun!


Lang doing his thing at Crawley

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This is Langs little webedit he did for Nass in about 20mins

Yeah BOY!!!

SiBot update

Posted in Not Ridin but still rollin with tags on May 14, 2009 by kingpsblock

Si has just taken a massive 70’s order more bikes and even more parts in all colours and sizes! Cranks, pedals, bars, stems, chains, Shadow tee’s Subrosa tees and everything else u could possibly want!
Go check em out!

Cedar Trails Part 1 2009

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Paul has been working on these for a while and recently the boys started doing some filming! Here is the first edit loads more to come!

Filmed and edited by James Adams