Liam’s Bike Check

Frame: Sunday Model C       
Forks: Sunday Morning 24.1
Headset: Odyssey  Stem: Odyssey CFL
Bars: Sunday  24umph
Grips: Odyssey
Barends: Parends
Brakes: Nike 6.0 Innit  
Cranks: Eclat
Sprocket: TREE I-Beam
Pedals: Odyssey
Chain: Shadow Conspiracy Black
Seat: Primo Balance
Seatpost: Federal
Front Wheel: Odyssey Vandero Female on 24” Hazard Rim
Rear Wheel: Primo Mix on 24” Hazard Rim
Tyres : Aitken street BOOM

Modifications: WearYourFrom/LDN Logo Stickers keep it strictly Pimped

This bike looks so good that even IMG themselves smashed it up on there site

Proper nice well built bike, angles feel good and the colours are smooth!!

 Im feeling it!


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