Corey Bohan Interview

This interview was taken from TheComeUpBMX and as Bohan is the Boss of all Bosses i thought i would smash it up here for all you guys that dont check that place! Looks like Corey has a new full sponsor so thats banging! Hoping he releases a new webedit soon!!

So first question, which I guess should come before we dig into any gossip, how’s it going? Have you been sticking around California or have you been out on any trips lately?

I’m doing good. Had a bit of a rough end to the year BMX wise, dislocated my shoulder and now I got torn ligaments in there but I been working on making the muscles stronger to hopefully avoid surgery. I spent the month of November on surf trips, was in Aus for 12 days, then Hawaii for 2 weeks and Maui for 3 days. Now I’m back in Aus for the holidays and it’s all about family time back here and enjoying the summer. So that’s the plan.

Now the dirt… recently, after a long time as your bike sponsor, Giant dropped their BMX team. Did that come as a shock or had you seen it coming for a while?

It was a bit of a shock but I guess you got to expect it at some point. I rode for Giant for almost 8 full years and it was amazing the entire time. They never really wanted to push their BMX program and that’s fine, I got to travel the world and collect an awesome pay check so I was totally satisfied. Now it’s over and everyone is on great terms. Change is good.

Despite my best efforts, Biz wouldn’t tell me who your new bike sponsor is, but he confirmed that there is, in fact, a new sponsor. Can you give us any clue? If not, when do we get to find out?

Towards the end of 09 i was talking with a few different people/companies. It felt unreal to have options at a time like this in BMX. The economy is shithouse and our industry is pretty small so I feel blessed to have spoken to everyone I did. I have already signed a new multi-year deal so I’m very excited to be working closely with my new sponsor. Signature frame and parts will be available but I can’t say much more just yet.

This year you finally lost the NORA cup dirt title to Mike Aitken… I’m sure you didn’t mind seeing it go to someone like Mikey at all, but what was the experience like watching Mike win? I’ve heard it was really emotional for a lot of people.

After my wins and now Mikey taking over, I’m so stoked for him. Mikey’s moment on stage was def emotional. When you see how a crash can change a person’s day to day life and then for them to fight and make a huge comeback, well that’s all time!! Mikey is not only a BMX icon, he is a family man and I wish him and his awesome family the best always.

Are you going to fight to the death to regain the title this year?

Hahaha I’m not one to encourage fighting but I have been watching all these reality shows, Jersey Shore and the UFC shit… So if anything does go sour I’m gonna be ready.

I see you’re dangerously close to the 5000 friend limit on Facebook, have you considered turning your page into a fan page to accommodate all your fans?

Facebook just took over. It used to be Myspace but now I barely use it. At one stage I was only adding friends on Facebook and BMX riders but now I have over 2300 pending request that have just been building up. I love BMX but now I just go through my requests and usually only add the hot chicks haha.

There have been some rumors about Biz being involved in some things that might call his sexuality into question which were addressed in this video can you vouch that Biz and Kevin Porter have not engaged in any weird activities?

Biz is my roommate so I hope for his safety he isn’t acting out or being involvled with any sort of gay behavior… otherwise I’m gonna have to beat the shit out of him and get a new roommate. I cannot confirm this “whatever” it is between him and Kevin. I will be monitoring his habits closely though.

When was the last time you puked and when was the last time you did a smith grind?

My last up chuck incident was in August ‘09 at the US Open of surf in Huntington Beach. Red Bull had me host a party at a bar on Main St and I was serving behind the bar and sipping whilst doing that and probably after 4 hrs of heavy drinking some chicks passed me a shot and cause I thought it was cool to take shots of whatever when hot chicks pass you one I did it… it was something so filthy I remember knowing i was going to be in trouble. Sure enough I slept in the shower that night fully clothed and with one pillow.

My last smith grind isn’t really worth mentioning haha, I do them here and there but my last one was at a concrete park on a ledge & quarter pipes.

At this point I’d just like to give you and open forum to say anything you might have on your mind that might get this interview linked on TMZ or Perez Hilton. So if you want to confess to a murder or reveal that you made out with David Duchovny or something, here’s your chance. If not, thanks for the interview!

I’d just like to thank all my mates for being my mate and for being real.


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