Scotty Cranmer 2010 Fox Video – Updated Videos, Including Fox 2010

Don’t even think about not watching this video!! For me this is the best edit of 2010 already! Cranmer is back and when i say he is back, its not like he went anywhere or stopped riding i mean its like he took a year off, thought of everything that is ridiculous and decided to do that plus everything he did before but in places it shouldnt be done and 6 feet higher than before!! In this edit he kills it period!!

I just want to say that the banger it this is flatout one of the best things i have ever seen!!! Yer alot of people can do the same stuff as Scotty but no-one takes it to the same level that he does!!!

And dont forget he won X-games last year using only Dyno shin pads and a bike that had the brake slapped on as he turned up!!!!

More footage to persuade you to rate him as much as i do!!!

And this is well worth 6mins or whatever of your time!!!

You on my side yet???


No Brakes , Street riding???

You know it makes sense!!!!You dont know how happy it makes me to think we might be getting some regular stuff outa Cranmer now???


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