Harry Main bike check

That is a wild colour combination. Where did you get the cans?
My friend owns his own Car spray shop, TRAVIS AUTOS. It’s in St Helens, car repairs, body repairs and spray stuff. Sick setup over there, we started it just as a little project on a Sunday night and the idea was to go all green but the silver undercoat went too well with it so I was just like, nah do the back end blue now.. haha it worked sick!

How well do you strip a frame before applying the paint?
Usually just sand it all down nice and smooth but this time Travis Autos had some crazy machines that got it smooth as butter.

Parts you go through most often?
Hardly any. None.

Do you mind the bike getting scratched up when you put it in your car?
Not had that problem yet. I put it on the back seats, so it should be sweet.

Do you have a blanket in the car to protect it?
No way, haha.

Where’s the next session going to be then?
I just rode Redditch today, amazing ride. A lot of stuff worked and off to ride somewere tomorrow!

The spec:

-Frame: Mirraco Mainline
-Forks: Colony Official 10mm
-Headset: Colony
-Seatpost: Mirraco
-Seat: Mirraco
-Seatpost clamp: intergrated
-Stem: Colony Official
-Bars: Kink KC badger 8″
-Grips: Some thin ones
-Bar ends: Colony
-Brake lever: Odyssey medium
-Brake cable: no idea
-Brake caliper: Proper Bike co
-Brake pads: Inspired bikes pads
-Rotor: Snafu gyro
-Chain: KMC kool lite
-Sprocket: Snafu 25t
-Cranks: Colony
-Bottom Bracket set: no idea
-Pedals: Colony plastic
-Front tire: 2.0
-Front rim: Proper bike co 36 hole
-Front hub: Profile 36 hole
-Rear rim: Proper bike co 36 hole
-Rear tire: 1.5
-Rear hub: Profile 36 hole

Weight: 20lbs

Thanks to:
My Mum, Mirraco bikes, Monster energy and Nike 6.0 for helping me live the life I live, Colony & Proper for hooking my parts up!
All my friends for supporting me and all the other amazing riders out there who keep me motivated to ride! LIVE TO RIDE!

As seen on MirraCo


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