Josh Perry – Brain Tumor!!!

I obviously dont know Josh but this is bad!!! Get well soon dude!!

“Josh Perry informed us of some unfortunate news this week. His head had been hurting for a few weeks and his vision was even a bit blurred. Josh had fallen on his bike, but never hit his head hard enough for these kinds of symptoms. When he went to the doctor and was examined, a tumor was found in his head. The doctors say that it’s benign and not cancerous. The tumor is not in the brain tissue yet, but will continue to grow, so they have to do surgery to remove it. The good news is that the tumor is not scattered, so removing it shouldn’t be too difficult. Josh is currently seeing neurologists and taking steps to prepare for surgery. The Athlete Recovery Fund (ARF) has flown Josh’s parents in to be with him through this. Josh said; “Thanks to everyone for the support and good wishes. I’ll definitely be going crazy while off my bike and looking forward to riding with everyone again!!!”

We are all thinking about you Josh! Resist/Recover/Ride!”

From Eastern!!


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