WYF – LDN New Era – Re-up

I guess I don’t really have to do much explaining on this one! Getting a sample NewEra knocked up to see how it looks and if it comes out good it’s getting made! I’m playing with a few designs atm trying to get the layout as dialled in as possible, but soon as I get the first sample back you guys will be the first to know!

Hit the comments up if you think this is a good idea or if you would be interested in rocking one of the first ever WYF-LDN 59’s!!!!

Now the question is what are people feeling more the WYF Jumper logo on the front of it or the Transforma logo????

Ill try draft up images for both!!!


9 Responses to “WYF – LDN New Era – Re-up”

  1. great idea how much you think there gonna be and what sizes?

    • kingpsblock Says:

      Hey man guna make sure they are cheap as possible really I will try to carry all sizes so no one gets left out!!

  2. Mr Lover Lover Says:

    HOOK ME UP!!!I will sell them all day and all night!!

    • kingpsblock Says:

      Oh you will get hooked up badboy big time all colours and designs all sizes all day everyday aaaiiii

  3. You know im first on the list brother…..

  4. Black on black you knows it blud

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