Making The Perfect Gyro Setup!!!!!

I managed to break the tabs out my frame again so decided that I either had to go brakeless or find a solution!! After looking at it for ages and having a proper stare out with it this is what I came up with!! To say it works good is an understatement not only does it now pull like a straight cable but it keeps everything out of da way for whips!!!

With it all finished and looking pimp!! I cannot explain how well this pulls now! Even liam was shocked how good it felt and he’s setup some incredible brakes in his time!!

Looks stock don’t really see anything different?!

Feeling it ????

Thanks to Liam for the help and SiBotBMX for getting in the way and using his tools!!


3 Responses to “Making The Perfect Gyro Setup!!!!!”

  1. looking good ma boy, couldn’t have bodged it better myself!

    • kingpsblock Says:

      Cheers dude glad it got the PCCT seal of approval!!! You know this would work on your frame too…….. you gota feel it man!! Feels like a straight cable!!!

  2. It really does

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