Longacres BMX Park – Lingfield

I have been meaning to check this place out for ages!! I used to go here when I first started ridin and had been meanin to check it out for awhile! Something happened to the owner (Jeff) apparently and he pulled the plug, tore half the ramps down and Longacre BMX was no more!! It was an amazing place like no where else. He would build ramps, get the digger and build us massive kickers allday long and for like £1 a day! He was a legend and it’s a shame something happened to make him not want to be part of our world anymore! I’m gutted as it taught me alot riding wise and I had some unforgettable times there but I’m more gutted to see it like this!!! Long live Longacre!!!

These pictures are going to either mean something to you or not, for those of you who they don’t just try to appreciate that every lump was doubles and the ramp side of things was nuts even laying Tarmac for a street area!!

Those of you who were lucky enough to go here and experience this place send me some old photos in of it if you have any and I’ll get em up!

R.I.P Longacres!!


2 Responses to “Longacres BMX Park – Lingfield”

  1. how fucking soul destroying loved that place full of great memorys allday in the sun getting through bike bits like they were going out of fasion.r.i.p longacres your allways missed.

    • kingpsblock Says:

      I know man such a wicked place can’t believe how it’s been left!! Such a shame it’s not still rollin as that place rocked!!

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