‘Trails Is Shoutin’ Stephen Murray Jam

“Trails is Shoutin Jam popped off this year, Riders like Pat Casey,Dennis Enarson,DGAF Dan,Luke Parslow,Dylan Stark,Cory Nasty,TJ Ellis,Larry edgar, and many more came to shred and in deed they did… Some gnarly tricks were done to say the least. 1st place had to go to Dennis Enarson, the dude was on fire, He was bustin triple whips, bar to whip, you name it… Also best trick went down Hard, Daniel sandoval won it easy with a 720 whip, but that doesnt mean the riders wernt bust some other gnaly moves, like Dylan Stark with a 180 whip over the last set… Heres the event as i saw it, so check it, and lemme know what you thought, im always down for some feed back. Thanks Sean Kitt “

Got alot of time for anything Stephen Murray related!!! Shame the quality of the video is slightly off but still looks like a wicked time over there!!


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