Nike 6.0 – WYF Collaboration???

Naaah I wish but instead these are WYF hooked up Nike I.D’s totally custom I just happened to choose colours that represent and I love em!! I’m so excited about them I’m scared to wear em lol! Hopefully one day WearYourFrom shoes will be a reality but until then this is as close as I can get!!!

I’ll get some better pics laters on as soon as I get hold of a decent camera!!!


2 Responses to “Nike 6.0 – WYF Collaboration???”

  1. Charlie#1 Says:

    Love it!! LDN would also look fresh!

    • kingpsblock Says:

      Don’t you worry mate the next pair will rep LDN hard!!! These were just to rep the website wooop!! LDN stand up!!!

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