T.O.T Bit Of Lindsay, Bit of Kaley And A Bit Of Heather

I’m finding this harder and harder so I sat back and waited until some suggestions came in! Now I know these aren’t as blatent as always like the Jodie Marsh/Kitty weeks but still these ladies are hot and if you want someone in particular hit it up in the comments and I’ll smash it in the up and coming weeks!! So Li Lo in obvious, everyone knows Heather but Kaley Cuoco not everyone knows until they watch Big Bang Theory, then they know!!! Lol

Now think Austin Powers and Yer you would lol

The funniest fakes ever??

Lol sooo bad u gota take breast size on board for a fake!! School boy error!! Back to the real stuff!!

And some funny fakes again that you can tell yourself are real if u wana?! Lol

Wicked!! Now hit me with some ideas for next week I like a challenge so make em random or whatever!!

Props to Google for the pictures!!

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