LDN In The Studio

The new site and online shop are close to completion and I’m trying to get all the content sorted, so I enlisted the help of SPL to get the job done! We got the use of a studio in Epsom and made it happen! I didn’t really have an idea of what I wanted to get done or how but after a while we got a plan and things worked out amazing! I’ll get some of the photos up soon as they’re mastered but most will be used for the shop! Which should be live about mid next week wooo!!

Standard studio shot

SPL doing her thing while me and Charlie um ‘supervise’ lol

Huge thanks to Sharn and Charlie! I massively appreciate all your help!!!

Check out Sharns other work here!!! Amazing work totally worth flicking through!!!


3 Responses to “LDN In The Studio”



  2. thanks for the shout man.
    the studio is free for LDN anytime 😉

    • kingpsblock Says:

      oh i got the shout outs all day long really appreciate what you did!! The mastered shots look amazing ill do a post of them tomoz!! LDN is hungry for the studio again after seeing what you did!!

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