Rain Plus Boredom = Tennis Ball Super Cannon – Updated Video

This is what happens when it rains and you can’t think of anything todo! This is actually Mk 2 as the first one only fired 150 yards so we wanted to make it abit more potent!! Machining proper plugs and igniter channels increasing the chamber size and the fucker didn’t work lol it could have been perfect but no!! Didn’t do shit!! Going to try a different gas tomoz but even petrol didn’t work lol!! Daaaam!



Hahaha let’s see what it does tomoz with Butane instead of wanky Propane maybe we’ll be able to actually blow sum things up!!


So we changed the gas up to butane and it worked amazing!!! Shot balls across the field and over the barn!! You’ll See!! Hit it up!!

Sorry for the rubbish filming ill get a better shot next time!!


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