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Hold Tight We’re Moving

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The site has been in it’s current layout for alittle over a year now and I feel like we’ve totally out grown what we can do with it. Plus u guys deserve something that is newer, fresher and gets the content delivered to you in a better way so I have been scheming for a while on something brand new but keeps the things from the current site that stand tall!!!
To all my diehard guys checking everyday I hope this is a treat but hit me up if something annoys you and to all the new guys I really hope it makes you wana bookmark us and hit it up on the regular!! The new site should be ready today and you guys won’t even notice the transition as the addy is never going to change!!! So please excuse me not posting cos when the new beast drops it should more than make up for it!! Until then enjoy these!!!!

New site is guna be BIG!!


Sharn Gets A Whip!!!

Posted in Not Ridin but still rollin, Riding Photos with tags , , , , on June 2, 2010 by kingpsblock

Sharn has been killing it behind the lense recently and now it’s her turn to feel what it’s like from our side, so Noddy built her this whip!!!

I’m defo feeling it, the pink wheels set it off nice little touch!!

Watch out for some riding footage soon!!!

Gumball 3000 – 2010

Posted in Not Ridin but still rollin with tags , , on May 19, 2010 by kingpsblock

Im super into fast cars and the whole driving thing and i guess one of my un-obtainable life goals would be to participate in the Gumball the whole idea of it gets my adrenalin going! Here are some video’s i have found of this years ‘Rally’ remember its not a race lol!!

This is incredible and features the Rooftop himself!!! And X to the Z!!!

Bit shakey filming but gives a good look at the cars!!

Ill add some more as i find them and i guess there will be loads!!!

Crusty Demons 14: A Blood Thirsty Saga

Posted in Not Ridin but still rollin with tags on April 14, 2010 by kingpsblock

Im not really in touch with all the FMX stuff but it still blows me away!!! This is incredible!!!

They are some crazy boys!!!

322ft! Robbie Maddison’s world record jump!!!

Posted in Not Ridin but still rollin with tags on April 14, 2010 by kingpsblock

I need more of this in my life!!! What other dudes do stuff like this???? i need to hook myself up with more videos!!!

Bird jumpsĀ 394 FEET!!!!

Fearless – The Jeb Corliss Story

Posted in Not Ridin but still rollin, Random treats with tags , , , , , , , , , , , on February 10, 2010 by kingpsblock

I watched this the other day on TV and was totally blown away by it, you should definately watch this and even tho its not BMX man i was super inspired!! The dude is a living legend!! Base Jumping – Close Proximity Flying – Pure AdrenalinĀ this video has it all!!!

Part 1 :-

Part 2 :-

Part 3:-

Part 4 :-

Final Part :-

Just watched this again and this isnt actually the one i watched as its only Base jumping ill find the one with the Flying in abit!!!

Two bikes Two people One Porsche lol

Posted in Not Ridin but still rollin with tags , , , , , on January 18, 2010 by kingpsblock

Corby has been calling for awhile and it was about time I answered lol. My car is messed atm so didn’t consider it but Chris saw that as a challenge and decided that he could get two bikes, two people plus all the riding gear in his 2 seater! It was like a real life game of Tetris in that bitch but he made it work! Let’s just hope that ticket never comes through yer lol

Also can you spot the LDN logo smashed on the Porsche?? Pimping!!