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Lets Have A Chilled BBQ – LOL

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It gets better

Sharn gets stuck in on the WYF for life campain and i really do mean the ‘pain’ in that lol! Golby handles the rest of it!!

So a quiet BBQ turned into a LOOSE evening fuelled by Craig Davids Top 50 Garage tunes lol and Tattoo guns!! I knew it was going to be a bad idea but everyone was so caught up in the moment i sat back and filmed it all lol!!! Was a wicked evening and one that a few people will remember for the rest of their lives!!!

Beers + Tattoo equipment = Everlasting memories!!!


Fitties On A Friday

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Sunny Fridays are almost perfect! It’s end of the week, weekends looking good, all that’s left is to get through the rest of the day! And here’s something to help that!!


Nike 6.0 – WYF Collaboration???

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Naaah I wish but instead these are WYF hooked up Nike I.D’s totally custom I just happened to choose colours that represent and I love em!! I’m so excited about them I’m scared to wear em lol! Hopefully one day WearYourFrom shoes will be a reality but until then this is as close as I can get!!!

I’ll get some better pics laters on as soon as I get hold of a decent camera!!!

Longacres BMX Park – Lingfield

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I have been meaning to check this place out for ages!! I used to go here when I first started ridin and had been meanin to check it out for awhile! Something happened to the owner (Jeff) apparently and he pulled the plug, tore half the ramps down and Longacre BMX was no more!! It was an amazing place like no where else. He would build ramps, get the digger and build us massive kickers allday long and for like £1 a day! He was a legend and it’s a shame something happened to make him not want to be part of our world anymore! I’m gutted as it taught me alot riding wise and I had some unforgettable times there but I’m more gutted to see it like this!!! Long live Longacre!!!

These pictures are going to either mean something to you or not, for those of you who they don’t just try to appreciate that every lump was doubles and the ramp side of things was nuts even laying Tarmac for a street area!!

Those of you who were lucky enough to go here and experience this place send me some old photos in of it if you have any and I’ll get em up!

R.I.P Longacres!!

Amour Ads – Im Still Crying Genuine Tears

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I have no clue why this tickled me so much but it just did!! I guess if i was interviewing these ladies i’d be exactly the same!!!

Wet Face Wednesday lol

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Just some random snaps left over from yesterday not because she wasn’t good enough but because she leaves too many clothes on and that makes me sad lol hit it up hit it up!!!
Adriana Lima thank you!!

I know you feelin me on this if you can find topless hook me up and I’ll smash em up!!!

WYF-LDN NewEra Layouts!!

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Here is the first rough layout for the WYF-LDN NewEra hook up! It’s only a mock up at the mo but this is how the end product will look! The question is which front design are you feelin more…..

Or Full Frontal

The front design is standing stong with the Transforma logo! WearYourFrom standard script up the side and the classic LDN logo on the back!!!

This is the first 59 hook up to come out of WYF, the next couple will be fully focusing on the LDN logo, as will the new range of threads!!!!

You feeling me on this????