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Ciara Ft. Ludacris – Ride

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This is the video that got banned from BET because of its sexual content!! What were they thinking??? Cici looks hot and this video is a winner!!!

Ciara feat. Ludacris – Ride

Posted in HipHop, Random treats with tags , , on April 22, 2010 by kingpsblock

You know why im posting this so just hit the button, sit back and watch those curves!!!! She does get the old imagination going in this one YEAAAAAHH !!

Ciara Ft Ludacris And Pitbull – “How Low Remix”

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Download here!!! Big Beat loads of bass!!

Ciara – Like A Boy

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Im guna be honest there aint nuffin like a boy about her in this!! Ciara getting her gangsta on and killing it! I know its old but the beat is good and its another reason (if you needed one) to watch this again!!

Now are those rumors bout her used to be a man still floating around or are there still some still about????